Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving decoration and party planning is a wonderful time to try your hand at DIY. It's also the perfect time to try out some easy Thanksgiving crafts. These DIY Thanksgiving projects are simple enough to do with the kids, but make beautiful crafts that can be used as decorations or housewarming gifts. Thanksgiving decoration crafts are a great way to save money while getting creative with your kids or just by yourself. Try these ideas for easy crafts for Thanksgiving that we’ve chosen for you.

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This easy Thanksgiving craft is a great way to show your creativity, as you can change it around in endless ways. Candles make great centerpieces, or just decoration around your home. You can carve out a pumpkin to create enough space to insert a candle or spruce up your boring pillar candles with decorative jars! First, find a mason jar or decorative glass jar that your candle fits into with about an inch space around all sides.  Choose a filler to accent the candle. We suggests corn kernels, acorns, pebbles, pinecones, or anything you find festive. Put a layer of the filler on the bottom of the jar, put in your candle, and add more filler to the sides to keep the candle in place. You can continue to dress up the jar with decorative ribbon, paint, or colorful leaves and twine.

Acorn Garland:
Acorns are a beautiful and versatile Thanksgiving decoration when painted. Try spray-painting them in metallic colors for a glam look. You can display these in a bowl, or try making a garland. To do this, just tie or glue the stems onto a piece of string or yarn and hang around a window or mantle. You can mix this up a bit by also tying on leaves, pinecones, and other small fall decorations.

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Leaf Painting:
This is a simple Thanksgiving craft that is fun to do with kids. Go outside and collect leaves. Focus on the shape of the leaves. You will be painting them, so the colors don’t matter. You can try this on inexpensive white napkins, a tablecloth, or just paper to hang as art. When you’ve chosen your surface, paint the front of the leaf in your choice of colors. Go for reds and yellows if you want a subtle look, or add in some blue or purple to spice it up a bit. Press the leaf paint side down on your surface and press lightly all over to transfer the paint. You can re-paint the leaves and overlap however you like.

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Leaf Bowl:
This is a unique craft that will look great on display. Simply turn a plastic serving bowl upside-down and cover it with plastic wrap, and then with cooking spray. Using synthetic craft-store fall leaves and fabric stiffener, cover the bowl. Saturate each leaf with fabric stiffener and place on individually, painting as you go. Leave the edges not completely covered, so the leaves will show.  When the bowl is covered, paint the whole thing in fabric stiffener again and let dry overnight. Carefully remove the leaves, and display decorations in the bowl. Caution: Bowl is not safe to eat out of.

These easy crafts for Thanksgiving are great ways to decorate your home and do something fun with friends and family too! 

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