Thanksgiving Decorations from the Pumpkin Patch

Add some spice to your holiday and incorporate Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations throughout your home. Incorporate Thanksgiving pumpkins into all holiday celebrations in a number of creative ways, such as mini pumpkin place cards, pumpkin candle centerpieces, pumpkin-filled vases and a pumpkin turkey.
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Here are some festive Thanksgiving pumpkin decoration ideas:

  • Mini Pumpkin Place Cards: Purchase these supplies for mini pumpkin place cards: mini pumpkins, place cards, a marker and festive craft decorations. Use a knife to slice a thin slit on the top of each mini pumpkin. Insert a place card into each slit and place the pumpkins at the head of each guest's table setting. Add some spunk to your place cards, and decorate them with stickers, ribbon and other supplies with Thanksgiving pumpkin patterns.

  • Pumpkin Candle Centerpieces: Incorporate Thanksgiving pumpkin carving into your Thanksgiving decorations. Hollow out the center of a medium to large pumpkin then insert a clear votive holder with a candle. Pick a candle with a fall scent such as pumpkin, apple, cinnamon or pecan. Light the candle and provide holiday ambiance to your Thanksgiving table.
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  • Pumpkin-Filled Vases: Fill two medium to large glass vases with mini pumpkins, squash and other colorful gourds. Place them on the mantle or serving buffet, or use them as centerpieces to provide additional decoration for your dinner.

  • Pumpkin Turkey: Purchase a medium-sized pumpkin and turn it into a turkey! Use ½" wood pieces and carve five pieces into the shape of feathers. Attach wood dowels to the ends and insert them into the pumpkin for turkey feathers. Add a beak and some eyes to the front of the pumpkin to finish your turkey creation.
Be creative with your Thanksgiving decorations and take advantage of the opportunity to avoid waste. Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Send Thanksgiving invitations that feature pumpkins to set the stage for your event and share important event details. Deliver your favorite online Thanksgiving invitation by text or email and gather RSVPs in minutes.

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