Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Turn up the excitement factor this year with kids Thanksgiving crafts. Base the Thanksgiving crafts around a Thanksgiving theme, and remember to keep them age appropriate. Give your child a pat on the back at the end of the project and compliment his or her creativity.

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Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids:

Turkey Handprint

Have fun painting Thanksgiving crafts for children and make turkey handprints. Gather an assortment of non-toxic paint in red, orange, yellow and brown. Ask your child to pick a color for his or her turkey. Dip the bottom side (palm side) of the child’s hand in the paint. Remove the child’s hand from the paint and press it on a piece of paper to make a handprint. Turn the handprint into a Thanksgiving turkey with decorations such as feathers, sequins, small googly eyes and paint.
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Coffee Cup Turkey

Make a coffee cup turkey as Thanksgiving art for kids. As the first step, paint a coffee cup with brown paint. Next, trace a hand print on a piece of cardstock paper. Decorate the hand print with orange, yellow, green, red and brown markers and crayons and cut it out. Flip the coffee cup upside down (to create the body of the turkey) and glue on the hand print for the turkey’s feathers. Glue a pom-pom ball on the "top" (base of coffee cup) of the turkey as the head. Glue googly eyes on the pom-pom ball. Create a beak and feet with card stock or foam paper.

Candle Holder

Collect glass baby food jars and remove the labels. Place holiday-themed stickers on the outside of the jars and use a paintbrush to apply glue to the sides of the jar and glue on sparkles. Add other decorations like sequins, ribbon or puffy paint. Place a votive candle or tea light candle in the candle holder for the finishing touch.

Grateful Turkey

Gather some colorful construction paper or card stock, glue, and scissors for this project. Help little ones cut out turkey feathers and the turkey's body. Have them write one thing they're grateful for on each feather. Paste the feathers, feet, eyes, beak, and wattle onto the turkey body for a very festive and fun Thanksgiving craft.

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Turn the Thanksgiving crafts for children into decorations for the holiday or, if you're hosting Thanksgiving, hand them out as favors to guests. Before your party, send out a festive Thanksgiving invitation online by text or email to share important event details and easily gather RSVPs in minutes. 

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Want to get the whole family crafting? Check out these easy Thanksgiving crafts that can be used as decorations or gifts. 
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