Valentine's Day Games

 Valentine's Day is a popular holiday for kids. Whether you are going to host a party or plan to help out with an event at the kids' school, there are lots of Valentine’s Day games that are perfect for any children’s party. Here are three fun and easy Valentine games to play with the kids:
  • The Stacking Hearts: This is one of the most exciting and challenging kid-friendly Valentine games. All you need to play is a few bags of the candy Valentine conversation hearts (this will vary depending how many kids are at the party). The object of the game is to see how many hearts you can stack on top of each other in one minute without letting your stack fall down. Kids will definitely love this one and will want to play over and over to see if they can make their stack higher than before.
  • Valentine Bingo: If you need Valentine party games for larger groups, Valentine Bingo is perfect for you. To set this up, make each child bingo card that contains at random the phrases on the candy conversation hearts. To play, pull hearts out of a bowl or jar and call out the phrase. Give the kids red candy like licorice to mark their sheets. The first kid to get Valentine Bingo gets a little prize. You can keep playing this one for as long as the kids enjoy it.
  • Pin the Heart on Cupid: One of the classic Valentine’s Day party games is pin the heart on cupid. To set this up, buy or cut out an outline of cupid and tape it to a clear wall. Have each child take turns being blindfolded and attempt to pin the heart on cupid. The closest to the actual heart, wins! 
Party tip: Whenever you have party games for kids, either avoid prizes completely or find a way to give all the kids a little prize. With so many kid-friendly Valentine’s Day games, your party will not be short on Valentine's Day fun for the little ones!
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