Fun and Creative Fundraiser Games

Host a fundraiser to help those in need, and have a good time while doing it! Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser for an organization you’re a part of, for a school event, or for your favorite charity, there are many ways to make fundraising fun for everyone. After you send free online invitations to help organize your fundraiser, you can get started on planning fun and exciting games for your event.

Take a look at these fun, light-hearted ideas for your next fundraising event to help gain support for your cause.

Jellybean Count: Guests can donate a certain dollar amount as they guess how many jellybeans are in a clear glass jar. Allow them to donate even more for a hint – but all they can ask is “higher?” or “lower?”. The winner gets to take home all of the jellybeans, and the donated money goes right to your cause!  This is an easy, inexpensive way to boost donations.

fundraiser games jellybean

Pick an Egg: This is especially fun in the springtime, and can also be done year-round. Fill colorful plastic Easter eggs with coins, candy, notes, and one with a $20 bill or a gift certificate as a Grand Prize. Put all of the eggs into a box, and charge $5 for guests to choose an egg and win whatever is inside. This has a fairly minimal cost to the host, and is a fun way to get everyone involved. Better yet, get a gift certificate donated as part of your fundraising activity, and use it as a selling point to donors!

 fundraiser games 

Balloon Bust: Sell balloons (recommended cost of $5 or $10) that each have a raffle number inside that corresponds to tickets given to guests. The host pops the balloons and reads off the winning numbers, to the delight of everyone who’s donated! This can be fun for a large or small group, and gets everyone in the fundraising spirit. As mentioned above, if you can get prizes donated from local businesses, it not only cuts down your cost but also increases awareness of your fundraising efforts in your community.

  balloon fundraiser game  

Banned Word Jar: This is a fun game to play if you plan to host a fundraising dinner party, but can work for other occasions as well. “Ban” a commonly used word or phrase, and every time a guest says that word they have to put a $1 (or change) in a designated jar. Guests can pay $5 to ban other words, or pay more to remove a ban and pick news words. This really gets all guests involved, and excited about fundraising for your cause!

No matter what type of fundraising event you plan, entertain guests to help raise the most money possible. After your fundraising event is over, make sure to update all donors as to the total amount raised, and exactly what it will be put towards.

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