Fundraising Party Ideas

Unique fundraising ideas can be the key in stirring up interest and enthusiasm for your organization’s needs. If you are looking to raise money for your club or charity, fundraiser parties are a great way to bring a large group of people together and spread your message about the project you are trying to accomplish. You can plan a great party that will be on everybody’s minds for months to come and keep the discussion going about your cause. Find inspiration from the following fundraising party ideas.

Here are some tried and true fundraiser party ideas:

Color Party

Many causes have specific colors or symbols attached to them (for example, pink ribbons for breast cancer or red for AIDS awareness). Host a party with a main theme color and plan your invitations and favors accordingly. Encourage all guests to come dressed in the appropriate color. Seeing a entire room filled with pink or red outfits can foster a great sense of unity.

Local Business Partnerships

Visit some of your neighborhood businesses and ask if they would be willing to partner with you by offering special deals to raise funds for your cause. Suggestions include shops donating items for an auction or a restaurant giving a portion of the proceeds from meals purchased during a certain time period to your charity. Ask if you can book their space on a certain night and invite people to join you for a dinner party at that venue. The restaurant will enjoy the increased publicity and volume of customers, while you can benefit from the money raised through these partnerships.
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Personal Challenge

If you are trying to raise money for a personal cause, consider these individual fundraising ideas. Ask friends and family members to sponsor you for a certain activity. You might choose biking or walking a certain number of miles. Taking on a challenge with a “wow” factor is a great way to impress them and put yourself to the test for your cause. Another option for an individual fundraiser is to have a garage sale and post a notice in your local newspaper to spread the word.
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Let your creativity and imagination run wild when planning your fundraising event. Your efforts will not go unnoticed if they come from the heart. Engage others in your cause and watch as the support pours in to help out those in need.
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