Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there are tons of neat (and easy!) crafts that you do with your kids to celebrate the holiday. These Mother's Day crafts for kids are also perfect for teachers to do with their students. The kids can then present the Mother’s Day crafts to their moms on the special day and boast that they made it themselves!

  • Photo Cube:  You will need: various colors of construction or scrapbook paper, laminating paper, a three inch cube (wood or plastic), scissors, glue and nine family photos. Help the kids decorate the outside of the cube using the different colors of paper. You can cut out different shapes and glue them on or cover the cube with glitter and stickers. Once the glue has dried, apply the laminate paper to each side of the cube. Next, let the kids cut out the people from the pictures so that they will fit onto each section of the cube. Laminate each side again to protect the pictures from peeling. Have the child write their name and year somewhere on the cube so that their mom will always remember this fantastic Mother’s Day gift!
  • Sun Catcher: This is the perfect Mother’s Day craft for toddlers. You will need: various colors of tissue paper, eight Popsicle sticks, clear plastic wrap, glue and a pipe cleaner. Help the child glue the edges of two Popsicle sticks to each other to make an “L-shape.” Repeat with two more sticks until you have created a square. Cut a piece of clear plastic wrap and glue the edges of it to the Popsicle sticks. Next, rip up the tissue paper into small pieces. Help the toddler glue the various pieces to the plastic wrap until it is completely covered. Next, take the remaining four Popsicle sticks and glue them together to create another square. Place the new square over the other Popsicle sticks to cover up the edges of the plastic wrap. Next, stick the pipe cleaner through one of the openings and twist it to make a circle. The finished result is a beautiful hanging Mother’s Day craft that will catch sunlight for years to come. 
  • Flower Pen: Want a super cute Mother's Day craft that's also fun to make? You will need: a simple ball-point pen, green ribbon or florists’ tape, green or yellow pipe cleaner, various colors of tissue paper and a hot glue gun. First, wrap the green ribbon or florists’ tape around the pen. If you are using ribbon, you may need to apply a bit of hot glue to the pen as you wrap the ribbon around in order to hold it in place. Once the pen is completely covered, allow it to dry. Next, pile five pieces of tissue paper on top of each other. Then fold it like an accordion, about one inch thick. Tie the center of the folded paper with a pipe cleaner. Then gently fan out the tissue paper, separating each layer of paper so it looks like a blooming flower. Glue the bottom of the flower to the top of the pen. For ambitious sons and daughters, make multiple flower pens and display them in a small terracotta pot for mom's desk!
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