Cirque du Papier

2137 Meloy Road

Kent, OH 44240

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One Square of Paper, Magical Possibilities! CIRQUE DU PAPIER & DryClean Humor Co.

An Elegant International Interactive Entertainer Keeping Crowds Captivated Executing Expressive Eloquent Utterances and Quoting Copious Quick Quips while Kinetically Conjuring A Colorful Carnival Caravan of Crazy Cool Crisp, Creatively Complex, Cleverly Constructed, Exclusively Crease-Crafted, Exquisite Quality Converted Quadrilateral Exotic Creature Caricature Curio Keepsakes Close-up under the Crimson Canopy! Incontrovertibly Copacetic!

Not your grade school teacher's origami! Cirque du Papier is a mind-bending, paper-folding, your-world-aint-flat-no-more experience. Meandering event guests discover Folder Fantastique, Michael Roy Baldridge deftly displaying dazzling digital dexterity, morphing single flat squares of paper into 3D creatures by mere folding. No cuts. No tears. No glue. And no table! Without missing a crease, Michael Roy simultaneously (and at the same time!) keeps guests amused with a nonstop stream of offbeat witty repartee and useless (yet strangely fascinating) information, revealing the secrets and history of folding art. Guests marvel as Michael Roy works magic, with amazing manipulations, quick wit, and cool transformers.

And his mesmerizing MicRo Gallery displays pretty paper party pet caricatures so cool everyone will just have to have one! To win a colorful creation of exquisite artistry, elegantly executed right before their eyes, Michael Roy will engage your guests in puzzles, games, riddles, and other attractions and interactivities. And the best part? Your guests are always part of the show and may go home with an oh-so-cool keepsake!

Whether hanging out with guests at his MicRo Gallery of Origami Art or mingling among event guests, Cirque du Papier & Dryclean Humor Co. performer Michael Roy, Folder Fantastique is appropriate wherever fine and fun close-up entertainment is needed. From high-end events to small parties, the fine art of entertainment for the discerning.

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