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My name is Emily Connors and I am a 3 time Emmy Award winning make up artist from NY, who now lives in Atlanta, I do BEAUTIFUL temporary and airbrush tattoos I embellish them with glitter and crystals, Or they can look completely authentic.I also do face painting I also do crystal tattoos and body art. Read more about all of my special airbrush skills, Like airbrush wedding make up and body make up and cover up. I specialize in airbrush make up and can cover up stretch marks, tattoos,dark spots, Vitiligo and any skin condition on any skin color so that you don't know that you have them, I was a union make up artist and worked as a staff make up artist for ABC TV for many years, Since moving to Atlanta, I have my own business, and work form a beautiful home studio, I have worked on hundreds of brides and bridal parties, and I will go on site, I have also been the key make up artist on hundreds of movies, TV shows, and music videos. I also do body painting, temporary tattoos and body art, which is great for events and parties, My family owns the original and largest temporary tattoo and body art company in the world which is called Temptu. We are the first people to start airbrushing tattoos. My, uncle, was the worlds leading cosmetic and color chemist in the world, and he invented all of the make up and body paints for Temptu 35 years ago.

Originally it was just used in the entertainment business, but now it is available to the general public. I also do crystal body art, as well as full body paintings. Body painting is wonderful for corporate events, and is different from body make up Body make up covers up tattoos and stretch marks and skin conditions, and so on, where as body painting is more like painting a costume on someone.

Temporary tattoos are great for corpoarte picnics and events and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. I can airbrush a corporate logo on yours or my models. I would love to talk to you or meet with you,

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together soon.

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