Valentine's Day Ideas

 Looking for fun ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your friends? While celebrating Valentine's Day with a significant other is always nice, sometimes it's great to spend Valentine's Day amongst close friends. Here are three Valentine’s Day ideas that are great for all groups—girls only or mixed groups.
  • Girls Night In: Who says that staying in on Valentine’s Day has to be boring? Invite your friends to come over, cook a fabulous meal together, and watch cheesy romantic comedies. Ask each friend to bring her favorite movie, setup a martini bar, and enjoy the company of the girls.
  • Night Out on the Town: Get a group together to hit the town this Valentine's Day. Pick a restaurant for dinner that is better for groups and less likely to be filled with couples. Make a post-dinner plan like a comedy show or dancing. This group Valentine’s Day idea beats any date night and will surely be a night to remember.
  • Secret Valentine: This creative Valentine’s Day idea is similar to a Secret Santa. Here's how it works: Have your guests pick names out of hat a week before Valentine’s Day (or assign them names if that's easier). Then, have everyone give small gifts to the person that they picked all week to hint at who might be their Secret Valentine. At your Valentine’s Day party, the Secret Valentines are revealed!
Valentine’s Day ideas for groups are endless. As long as everyone you are celebrating with is having fun, then whatever you decide to do will be a hit.
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