Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Want to do something romantic for your sweetie this Valentine's Day but don't want to break the bank? Send him or her on a romantic scavenger hunt!

First, brainstorm key places you can send your partner. Think of the place you first met, had your first kiss or your first date, your favorite restaurant, etc. Begin the scavenger hunt by sending your leading man/lady their first clue. You can include the clue in one of Punchbowl's customizable free Valentine eCards
Continue to leave clues at as many places as you want (3-5 is plenty). Make sure that if you send them to a place of business like a restaurant, that you also clue in the front desk staff or hostess so they can help your significant other once they arrive. Also, if you send them to an outdoor venue, like a park bench, that you protect the clue from the elements and make sure no one else takes it.

For your last clue—the grand finale—lead them to the final destination. Maybe it's a picnic lunch in a park or a home-cooked dinner by the fire at your place. It doesn't have to be an expensive restaurant or gift. The point is that you put a big effort into making them feel special and creating this unique experience just for them on Valentine's Day!
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