Turn Your Birthday into a Party with a Purpose

It's birthday time! Make the birthday celebration even more special and throw a party with a purpose. Do some truly thoughtful things for the guest of honor and for a cause close to their heart -- a philanthroparty of sorts! Throwing a charity themed party is a unique birthday party idea and guests will be more than happy to both attend and help a cause. Create your event on Punchbowl to access a wide variety of digital birthday invitations to send to all guests. You can also take advantage of the Contributions feature where guests can contribute money to a charity. Here are some birthday celebration ideas for your party for a purpose:


  • Make it a birthday fundraiser. Choose a favorite charity and aim to raise a certain amount of money. Set a goal and include all the information in the digital birthday invitation. Decorate the party space with design elements that reflect the chosen charity. For instance, if the chosen cause is to support a breast cancer organizaion, make the party pink and white, give out T-shirts with the charity logo and serve a healthy, superfood-based menu.
  • Arrange to have part of the celebration at a charity's headquarters or volunteer to help at an event. Organize transportation for all the guests and take a few hours to help out. Return to the party space and spend the remainder of the party mingling, snacking, and enjoying cake.
  • Choose a favorite charity or cause and organize a collection of sorts. For example, if the guest of honor always helps a local animal shelter, ask all guests to bring pet food, beds, collars and leashes, etc. to be gathered and given to the shelter after the party. Serve animal shaped finger sandwiches, dalmation ice cream sandwiches (two sugar cookies with chocolate chip ice cream in the middle) and place photos and histories of some of the animals from the shelter around the party space. Make sure all the guests know how donate addional items for funds to the shelter if they wish.

Parties with a purpose make a difference and there isn't a party guest who won't want to participate. Do something for a person near and dear to your heart and also for people, animals for causes in need of assistance.

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