Top 15 Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day gift ideas can help you communicate how much your special someone means to you and are a chance to celebrate your relationship. If you're stumped and in need of some new ideas, look no further. From Valentine’s gifts for her to Valentine’s gifts for him, this list has you covered with the best Valentine’s Day gifts this year.
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Here are the top Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetheart or a special person in your life.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone:
  • Send thoughtful digital Valentine's Day cards to your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, parent, or friend. Customize the written message inside, add a gift card from a brand they'll love, and deliver by text or email instantly. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife:
  • If you don’t get a chance to go out for dates very often, plan a night on the town! Get tickets to that show you’ve been dying to see or try out a new restaurant.
  • Go on a trip back in time and revisit the year that you first met! Put together a mix of songs that were top hits on the charts or rent movies that came out that year. You can even dress up in vintage clothes and try to recreate your first date.
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend:
  • Birthstone necklaces are an elegant and stylish gift that can be personalized just for her. Just pick the colored stone that matches her birthday month!
  • Have a key chain engraved with a sweet personal message or joke that you two share so she can carry your sentiments with her on the go.
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mom:
  • Since she always took care of the family, treat her to a little pampering with a day at the spa where she can enjoy a massage, a mani/pedi, or a relaxing facial.
 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husband:
  • Many men enjoy spending a day on the green so find a gift that will help enhance his golf game. While they’re not guaranteed to lower his score, personalized golf balls are a sweet, small gift. You can also find items to help him organize his golf bag.
  • A nice shaving kit will make the chore a little more bearable for your man.
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend:
  • You can research local breweries or wineries in your area that will let you craft and bottle your own product. Present the finished product to your boyfriend or plan the trip as an activity to do together.
  • Grab the newest accessory for his favorite gadget like a new case or headphones. If he likes to listen to music while he runs, you can find arms bands to fit his MP3 player or even a tracker that will count his miles.
Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts:
  • Set up a scavenger hunt with clues that will lead to the final gift. Have each hint relate to a memory or a secret joke you share.
  • Hire a plane to fly a banner with a personalized Valentine’s Day message for him/her for a surprise in the sky!
  • Many local paint-your-own-pottery studios will have coffee mugs or plates that you can decorate. Make a matching set for you and your partner.
Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts:
  • Show that you notice and appreciate all of the little things that he/she takes care of for you and take over those chores for the day. Make a coupon book of helpful tasks that can be cashed in later.
  • Pick out some of your favorite photos of the two of you and make your own collage. Frame your work so that you can both admire it and re-experience the memories in the future. There are also services that will bind your story into a coffee table book.
The best gifts will show that you took the time to think about your loved one. Use your partner’s interests as a shopping guide and be sure to add in a personalized touch so that it truly comes from you.
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