Time for Another Girls Night Out

Take some time out of your busy schedule and plan an enjoyable girl’s night out for you and your friends. Even consider starting a monthly “Girl’s Night Out” group. Get ready for some good old fashioned girl time fun!

Try some of these tips for fun girl’s night out ideas:

  • Take a look through Punchbowl’s girls night out invitations to get the ball rolling for your fun girl’s night out.
  • Discuss restaurant options in locations that are convenient for all of the ladies. Make a reservation at the chosen restaurant in advance, to avoid an extended wait. As an alternative, hold the girls night out at a residence, the movies, pub or club.
  • Plan multiple activities at different locations. For example, choose a restaurant for dinner, and then travel to the movies to see a late night flick.
  • Work with the group to plan appropriate girls night out clothes for the evening. Wear conservative clothing for dinner at a nice restaurant. Get a little more risqué for a night at the club.
  • Plan games for girls night out. Organize a scavenger hunt and split the ladies up into teams. Include items on the scavenger hunt list such as taking a picture next to a red car, convincing a bartender to give you a free drink and starting a dance party with three strangers.
  • Assign designated drivers for girls night out parties. Keep track of who is the designated driver each week, and take turns. For those with a big budget, consider renting a limo for the evening.
Get your batteries recharged with a fun night out with your girlfriends and be ready to take on the world!
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