Go Fly a Kite: One Last Summer Party

For those who want to celebrate the last days of summer outside, a fun and unique party to host is an end of summer kite flying party. In the summertime, many parks are full of people flying kites, so a kite party is a great way to celebrate the end of summer.

  • Location: You don't need to be near a body of water in order to fly a kite, but your chance to find sufficient wind will increase if you are near water. If you or a friend of yours happens to live in a particularly hilly community, standing at the top of a tall hill will also increase a kite’s ability to remain airborne.
  • Party Favors: The simplest and most useful favor is a kite, but be careful because kite quality varies. You can find basic and functional kites at most drugstores and grocery stores. A good idea to ensure the quality of the kite would be to ask to see it stretched out, as many kites are deconstructed when you buy them. If you’d like to give something else, take photos during the party and compile them into a digital scrapbook to send out to everyone after the party. This way, your guests will have something to remind them of summer days come winter!
  • Food: Once you pick the perfect kite, focus on kite ideas for food. You probably will want to spend more time flying your kite then eating, so prepare a light picnic. Kite-shaped sandwiches and chips will make a quick and easy lunch and can be eaten at each guests’ convenience. Bear in mind that people will be hungry after being active, though! A diamond-shaped kite cake or kite cookies are fun ways to re-energize after the kite flying has ended. Get creative with frosting and icing to create beautiful kite designs!
  • Drink: Don’t forget drinks for hydration. Water, iced tea, and lemonade are all great drinks for a summer day spent outdoors.
Whether you choose to go fly a kite, play a game with your family or watch the sunset with a friend, remember to enjoy yourself outside in the last of this warm weather!
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