Punchbowl vs. Hallmark eCards

When you want to send eCards, you need a platform that’s fast, user-friendly, and full of helpful features. Punchbowl® offers digital greeting cards that are better than paper. Below is a guide for former Hallmark eCard customers who want to switch to Punchbowl®, outlining the key differences between the platforms.

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  1. Look and Feel of Paper: Punchbowl® is the gold standard in digital greeting cards. Every eCard in our collection has the look and feel of paper. When your recipient receives a card from Punchbowl® it includes a matching digital envelope, envelope liner, and postage that you can customize. Every eCard has a realistic envelope-opening animation that replicates the act of opening a paper card. This elevates the experience for the recipient. In contrast, the old Hallmark eCards featured outdated animation, and arrived with a block of text stating the recipient had received an eCard and a thumbnail preview (spoiling the surprise).

  2. Robust Personalization Options: Whether you’re looking for a Hallmark eCard alternative to say Happy Birthday, Thank You, or simply Thinking of You, Punchbowl® makes it easy to personalize your eCard. Photo eCards and “Upload Your Own” eCards offer the option to upload your own image to the design. On the inside of the card, you have the option to edit the message, the font, font color, and font spacing to make it look just right. On the eCard envelope, change the greeting, envelope liner, or postage stamp to make a great first impression. If you plan to deliver your eCard by email, you can also edit the subject line of the email your recipient receives. 

  3. Deliver by Text or Email: Hallmark digital cards could only be delivered via email whereas Punchbowl® offers customers the option to deliver eCards by text, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or a link you can share anywhere.

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  4. Include a Thoughtful Gift Card: eCards on Punchbowl® include the option to attach a gift card from a brand your recipient will love. It’s the perfect solution for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holidays. See a full list of gift cards on Punchbowl® including Amazon.com, Target, Panera, Sephora, The Home Depot, and Doordash.

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  5. Add a Heartfelt Video Message: The best-in-class technology on Punchbowl® includes the option to upload a heartfelt video message to any eCard. Videos can be up to 2 minutes in length. You can record videos from any device and retake as many times as needed, or upload a pre-recorded video.

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  6. eCard Mobile Apps: Unlike Hallmark eCards, Punchbowl® offers both iOS and Android apps to create and customize your eCards right from your phone! Sign into your account to track all your egreetings, see when they have been viewed, or add more recipients.

On Punchbowl® you’ll find everything you loved about Hallmark eCards (like the option to schedule eCards), plus much more! Browse our eCards to get started.

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