New Year's Dinner Party Ideas

Get in the holiday spirit this year and throw a New Year’s dinner party. Make it easy on yourself and host an intimate New Year’s Eve dinner party or cocktail party at home. Enjoy the great company of your closest friends and have the freedom to eat, wear, and do whatever you want at your New Year's dinner!

Get inspired with some of these New Year’s dinner party ideas:

  • Dinner: Start the planning process, and create a menu for New Year’s Eve dinner. Take the opportunity to try out a new recipe or show off your skills on a favorite dish if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen. For large parties, or for those who are not fans of cooking, hire a local caterer to help with the event. Think outside the box, and try something different for the menu. Be a little more interactive, and try a fondue dinner or make your own gourmet pizzas.
  • Drinks: Next, plan your drink menu. Make New Year's all about the bubbly so be sure to supply champagne or even sparkling wine. Organize a champagne or wine tasting with a few different types of bubbly, like prosecco and cava. Be sure to provide alternatives, such as sparkling water, sparkling cider, soda, and juice for those who do not drink alcoholic beverages, and, of course, for the kids.
  • Ambiance: Plan the ambiance for the party in advance. Do you want guests to dress up a bit or come casual? For a fancy party, ask guests to dress in particular attire such as cocktail dresses and sports jackets. Decide on the type of music you want in the background of the party. Play upbeat tunes for a casual party and mellow music for a fancy party. Create a certain mood and tone for your party with the decorations, music, and even the lighting! Create an elegant, sophisticated vibe with dim lighting and candles. Use bright lights and colorful decorations for a playful, energetic setting.

Make a plan for midnight. Think about New Year dinner ideas for how you and your guests will ring in the New Year. Make sure to top off champagne flutes, pull out the noisemakers and party hats and have your own countdown to celebrate the New Year. Start to plan your own celebration with one of our free New Year’s Eve party invitations!

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

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