Labor Day Lobster Party

Labor Day is a popular time to have a party. With all of the cookouts, barbecues, and parties at the country club, these celebrations can start to get a bit repetitive.
This year, host standout Labor Day festivities with a lobster boil party! Not sure what this is? Just think of it as a standard lobster bake party, but on Labor Day. This is an inspired way to spend your Labor Day and a lobster themed party is a fantastic way to tie everything together nicely.
Take a look at the suggestions below to throw a fantastic lobster dinner party:
  • Invitations: Begin your party on the right foot with spirited Labor Day invitations. Punchbowl offers a wide selection of online Labor Day invitations that you can customize however you please. This way, you can add photos of cute cartoon lobsters, use red font, etc. These are elegant invitations that will give you beautiful results and only take a few minutes to create!


Free Labor Day Online Invitation  

  • Food: At this dinner party, you should serve lobster of course! However, you don’t have to prepare the lobster traditionally. If you want to do things a little differently, try making lobster stew or lobster salad. You can even put bread out so that people can make lobster rolls! For a lobster-red dessert, bake cherry pie or strawberry shortcake. As for drinks, serve red summertime favorites such as Cape Cod Cranberry Dry, Raspberry Lime Rickey's, and Shirley Temples. Make sure to have extra maraschino cherries on hand!
  • Color Scheme: The color scheme of this party should be red. Think red tablecloths, napkins, plates, utensils, and even cups. You can find these supplies at any party supply store. Decorate your backyard with red balloons and streamers. For centerpieces, create silly flower arrangements with red daisies, red ribbon, and plastic or stuffed animal lobsters. If you really get into the red theme, you can instate a red dress code. On the invitation, tell guests that they must wear at least one article of red.
Have fun with these suggestions for your Labor Day lobster party!
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