Keep Kids and Adults Entertained This Labor Day

With the end of camp and anxiety about the start of school, it can be hard to find time to organize a great Labor Day party. However, a Labor Day cookout is a festive way to get families and friends together at the end of the summer for one last hurrah!
This year, take advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts and host a party outdoors. This way, your barbeque will include lots of fun games and activities that will keep the whole family entertained. Here are a few Labor Day celebration ideas for the whole family:
  • Make-your-own bar: Incorporate a fun, interactive element into your party with a festive make-your-own drink bar! This way, guests of all ages can have fun making smoothies, milkshakes, and cocktails. To do this, get a big table and cover it with a colorful, plastic table cloth. This will be your “bar.” Next, lay out drink-making materials and a few bottles of alcohol. Make sure to have a variety! Borrow a few battery-operated blenders from friends and set them out on the table. Then, fill bowls with fresh fruit and ice. You can also have a cooler filled with yogurt and ice cream. This way, kids can combine the fruit with the frozen treats to make smoothies and milkshakes, while the adults use the alcohol to make delicious cocktails. This is a great way to keep everyone happy!
  • Scavenger hunt: This activity is fun for the whole family! Before the party, go through the guest list and pair kids with adults in teams of two. If you have invited extended family, make sure to separate children from their parents so that different members of the family can spend time with each other. Then, set up a scavenger hunt in your house, around your backyard, or at a nearby park. Make sure to have prizes on hand for the team that gets to the last clue first!
  • Story time: A great way to get family members to reconnect is through storytelling. This year, have “story time” during your Labor Day cookout. This will keep everyone entertained for ages! At the beginning of the party, ask everyone to think of a story they want to tell. This can be anything—something funny that happened to them, a recent accomplishment, etc. It can be as long or as short as they like! Then, during dinner, have each person tell their story. If you have many shy family members, have everyone write their stories down instead. Then, have some of the kids or any outgoing family members read the stories out loud! They’ll definitely enjoy this and it will be funny to hear them reading their own stories as well as the adults’ tales!
Enjoy this list of Labor Day activities!
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