How to Host a Cheese Tasting Party

Get your cheese party ideas together and get ready for a convenient and easy way to host a casual cheese tasting, a girl’s night, or even a holiday party. Turn it into a wine and cheese party and incorporate alcoholic beverages. Excite guests about interacting with one another, while tasting and comparing new cheeses and wines.

Try these cheese tasting ideas to make your cheese party a success:

Wine and cheese party ideas:

  • Buy a variety of cheese for a wine and cheese party at your local supermarket or cheese shop. Pick one or two cheeses in the soft, semi-soft, and hard cheese categories. Start with crowd pleasers like cheddar, Brie, and Roquefort. Buy unusual cheeses like Drunken Goat or Smoked Gouda to spice things up.
  • Serve plain breads like baguettes, crackers, and flat bread.
  • Have some jams available for a bit of sweetness.
  • Serve a bowl of nuts or several different bowls with various types of nuts.
  • Pick a specific region of a country and have guests bring wine according to the theme.
  • Complement the cheese with delicious wine selections.

Décor and setup:

  • Arrange cheeses on wooden cutting boards and adorn them with grapes or other fruit for a rustic look.
  • Create cheese labels using corks. Lay the cork horizontally and cut it in half to make it stand. Once the cork is standing horizontally, cut a slit along the top and insert a place card with the name of the cheese. Place the label on the cutting board next to the cheese.
  • Arrange wine glasses and small plates on the table next to the cutting board.
  • Create a centerpiece by filling a cylinder vase with grapes and water. Arrange flowers of your choice in the grapes.

Plan your own cheese tasting party with a simple trip to the store, creative arrangements, and of course a free invitation from Punchbowl. Eat, drink, and enjoy!

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