How to Create an Awesome Video Greeting Card

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This Christmas, video greeting cards are the perfect way to keep in touch and send a personalized holiday greeting. Family and friends will love to receive a customized digital holiday card that lets them see your smiling face and hear your heartfelt message, especially if you can’t be together this year. Here are some tips on how to create an awesome video greeting card for the holidays. 

  • Smile: They say that first impressions are everything and last impressions are just as important. With that in mind, be sure that recipients of your Video eCards see your happy face at the start of the video and the very end. Smile before you hit the record button and, once you’ve finished your video, smile again before you end the recording. 

  • Think ahead: Be sure to think about what you want to say ahead of time so that you’re prepared when you start recording. And feel free to practice! Whether it’s a simple, heartfelt holiday greeting or a silly song or poem, go through a few runs to get it right. Finally, be mindful of any time limits associated with the video eCard before you start. 

  • Dress the part: Set the stage for your video message with festive attire. If you’re sending Christmas eCards to loved ones, be sure to dress in appropriate holiday garb. Whether it’s your Sunday best or an ugly Christmas sweater, card recipients will appreciate the effort you put forth!

  • Perfect your lighting: While natural light is best for videos, it’s important that you don’t sit with your back to a window because people will only see your silhouette. Instead, sit in front of a window or have one lamp directly in front of your face (not overhead). Outdoor videos should not be in direct sunlight or you’ll end up squinting at the camera. A little bit of shade or a slightly overcast day is perfect for outdoor shots.

  • Shoot horizontally: If you’re recording a video with your phone, be sure to hold the phone horizontally so that the video is in landscape mode, not portrait. If you record a video vertically, recipients who view the eCard on their laptops will see a video with black bars on both sides. To avoid this and maximize the space of your video, shoot horizontally! 

A heartfelt video is a wonderful way to share family updates and show loved ones how much you miss them this holiday season. With these tips, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward in your holiday video! 

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