Gabby's Dollhouse: The Party Starts MEOW!

Plan a Gabby's Dollhouse Party with food, games, and activities inspired by Gabby and all her friends. 

Introducing Gabby's Dollhouse Party Invitations!

We're excited to bring you a wonderful collection of Gabby's Dollhouse invitations for all your events, from Gabby's Dollhouse Birthdays to Gabby's Dollhouse Valentine's Parties and Sleepovers. The Party Starts MEOW, with online invitations featuring Gabby and many of her kitty friends, like Pandy Paws, Cakey, CatRat, Carlita, and Baby Box! 

You can easily customize any of our Gabby's Dollhouse Invitations and send them by email or text, instantly. Then watch as all the RSVPs come rolling in. You can even send special messages to your guests for follow-ups. 

Host a Gabby's Dollhouse Birthday Party!

Ready for a Kitty birthday? Choose one of these great Gabby online invitations. Add the date, time, and location of your party. You can choose text colors and fonts, you can even add special messages to your guests. When you're ready to send them, just upload or type in the emails or mobile phone numbers of your guests and send your invites, instantly! You can track RSVPs through your phone, and even send follow-ups to anyone who doesn't respond promptly. 

Create Your Own Cat-Tastic Cakeys

Create your own Cakey, along with his cousins Bakey, Flakey, Marshapan, and Paddycake! Pick up a batch of cupcakes from your local bakery, or bake some up with your favorite recipe. If you can get them, use some pink- and blue-striped cupcake liners in your pans. Then, you'll need some white icing, some pastel-colored sprinkles, and either a fine piping tip or a tube of decorator icing.

Squeeze your white icing (we like buttercream frosting) from a piping bag with a large tip, creating peaks on either side to represent Cakey's ears. Then use the small tip or tube to apply his eyes and nose. Next, apply sprinkles as his hair and whiskers!

Cakey's cousin Bakey is Pink, Flakey is Turquoise, Marshapan is Light Green, and Paddycake is Yellow. To make the whole family, add a few drops of food coloring to your frosting and repeat the process above!  Then enjoy your Gabby Cat creations!

cakey.jpg 81.69 KB

Host a Gabby's Dollhouse Sleepover!

Gather friends for a sleepover, just like Kitty Fairy.  Pick the date and send these Gabby Sleepover Invitations today!
sleepover.png 279.68 KB

Make Some Fizzy Fairy Juice for Your Sleepover Snack

Click below to watch a Gabby & Friends video to see exactly how to make some Sleepover Snacks and some Fizzy Fairy Juice.

For your juice, all you need is: 

Host a Gabby's Dollhouse Valentine's Day Party!

valentines.png 260.83 KB

Make Some TP Kitty Crafts

Valentine's Day is all about being together with our friends and loved ones, so let's make Some TP Kitty Crafts to bring all of Gabby's little friends together. In this video, Gabby, Pandy Paws, and Baby Box show you how to create some of the Gabby Cats from Toilet Paper Rolls! 

Gather a few supplies, then watch this video for instructions: 

  • Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Paint and Paint Brushes
  • Markers
  • Decorations, like Pipe Cleaners, Googly Eyes, and Pompoms
Click the image below to start meow!

TP Kitty Crafts.jpg 89.79 KB

Celebrate any occasion with a Gabby's Dollhouse party! Send your invitations today.

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