Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Like all parts of the Thanksgiving meal, desserts for Thanksgiving are extremely tasty. However, many times, people barely have room for dessert, and many beautiful, fresh pies must be thrown away. If you want to go easy on the desserts this year, try some Thanksgiving desserts that are easy to make and light enough to eat after a big Thanksgiving meal. The fun part about many of these recipes for Thanksgiving desserts is that they are decorative. Set them near your Thanksgiving table to add a festive flair!

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Complete your Thanksgiving feast with these Thanksgiving dessert recipes:

  • Fruit and cheese “tail feather” skewers: All you need to do to prepare this dessert is create medium-sized kabobs (wooden skewers will work best) of fruit and cheese. Then, find a model turkey and replace its tail feathers with the skewers. The most complicated part of this dessert will be finding the turkey. Check local party stores and convenience stores to find plastic and Styrofoam turkeys. If you can’t find one, have your kids make one out of Styrofoam, construction paper, markers, and googly eyes. This is a fun project and Thanksgiving dessert for kids—they’ll love plucking the “feathers” off the turkey.
  • Turkey cookies: There are many ways that you can make delicious turkey cookies for Thanksgiving. One option is to make sugar cookies using store bought cookie dough. Then use frosting, candy corn for feathers, and M&Ms for eyes to decorate your cookies so that they look like turkeys! Another option is to use Oreos, Reese’s peanut butter cups, whoppers, candy corn, and frosting to create turkey cookies. Use one Oreo as the base where your turkey will sit, and use some white frosting to attach another Oreo, standing up, as the back. Stuff a row of candy corns into the white filling of the cookie that is standing up to represent the turkey feathers. Use some more frosting to secure a Reese’s peanut butter cup as the turkey’s tummy. Add a whopper above for the head. Add candy corn wings and a beak. Use the frosting to create feet and eyes.
  • Caramel apples: All you’ll need for this dessert are some apples, melted caramel, and chopped nuts. Stick a popsicle stick securely into each apple. Then, dip it into the melted caramel and roll it in chopped nuts. Finally, put it on wax paper to cool. If it begins to drip, put it in the refrigerator until the caramel hardens.
  • Turkey cupcakes: Make chocolate or vanilla cupcakes and decorate them to look like turkeys! Cupcakes are easy to make, especially if you buy pre-made cake mix. Simply follow the steps on the box to make them. The most important part of this recipe will be making the cupcake look like a turkey. Use dark frosting, like brown, grey, or black to frost the top of the cupcake. Toward the center, create a ball of frosting—this will be the head. On the head, make two eyes with white and black frosting. Then, use candy corns for the beak and tail feathers.

Finally, before you plan your dessert menu, be sure to send online Thanksgiving invitations to help set the stage for your gathering. Add important event details to your favorite invitation, customize the font, colors, and postage stamp, then send by text or email. 

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