Christmas Comes Early

Christmas falls on December 25 every year, but there is no reason why you can’t celebrate all throughout the holiday season. Deciding when to host a Christmas party, however, takes a little consideration and careful planning. It’s a busy time of year and there are a lot of schedules to work around.

Here are some tips for how to choose a date for a Christmas party:

  • To decide what day to host a Christmas party, pull out your calendar and check your own schedule first. Do you have vacation days already mapped out or relatives coming to stay? Avoid double-booking days to relieve some of the stress that can come with hosting a holiday party.
  • If you have a particular location, photographer, or DJ that will need to be reserved ahead of time, call to see which dates are available. As a general rule of thumb, they will have fewer parties and fewer commitments earlier in the season.
  • Another great idea is to throw is a holiday kickoff party. Guests will be excited for the first Christmas party of the season and you’ll be able to showcase your new decorations and recipes before anyone else.
  • Picking what time to host a Christmas party will also take some thought and you will have to decide what type of party you want to host. A ladies luncheon or brunch can be held in the late morning or afternoon, while cocktail and dinner parties will be scheduled in the evening. You may also want to think about how long you want to have guests over for and set a time window.

Working out these essential details as early as possible will take the stress off of both you and your guests. Especially if people are traveling from out of town, it is considerate to let them know as soon as you can so that they can make arrangements accordingly. It will also give you a little breathing room to spend looking forward to your party! Here’s one of our favorite free Christmas invitation designs to get started:

Free Christmas party invitations

Free Christmas party invitations


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