Lunar New Year Cupcakes

The celebration of the Lunar New Year marks the end of the winter season and the start of spring in the Chinese calendar. It's become increasingly popular to celebrate the Lunar New Year outside of areas with significant Chinese populations. Each new year is associated with an animal zodiac with a twelve-year repeating cycle. The order of the zodiac is Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig, and then it all repeats all over again.
Make Lunar New Year cupcakes to celebrate one of the most ancient holidays. Decorate them with the animal zodiac of the year, or make them festive with traditional red (to scare away evil) and gold (for prosperity) Chinese colors. Lunar New Year cupcake ideas include making plain white cupcakes with vanilla frosting and dipping in red shimmery sprinkles or baking your favorite flavor cupcake and topping with good fortune written in Chinese.

Lunar New Year cupcake recipe: 

  •  1 box of cupcake mix (any flavor)
  •  1 tub of vanilla frosting
  •  Red food coloring
  •  Yellow M&Ms
Make the cupcakes according to the directions on the box and allow to fully cool. Mix several drops of food coloring into the frosting and stir. Spread frosting on top of each cupcake. Make a peace sign design out of M&Ms on the top of each cupcake. Each of these Lunar New Year desserts will mean you wish nothing but peace and love to everyone who eats them on the Lunar New Year!

More Lunar New Year desserts ideas include baking fortune cookies yourself and making customized fortunes for each; baking red sugar cookies and frosting with yellow whipped cream cheese; or cutting desserts into the shape of the animal zodiac. No matter what the Lunar New Year cupcake decoration, be sure to wish others well and look forward to the year to come.
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