Bob the Builder Birthday

Throw a Bob the Builder birthday party for the little boy or girl with a knack for building and creativity. Plan the invitations, decorations, cake and activity around the Bob the Builder party theme.

  • Invitations: Email Bob the Builder birthday invitations to invite family and friends to the party. Include details such as the name of the event, the name of the guest of honor, date, time and location. Consider Bob the Builder wording such as "Can we fix it? Yes we can!" or "Bob the Builder invites you to Joey's 5th birthday party!"

  • Decorations: Decorate the party with a blue, orange and yellow color scheme to match the Bob the Builder theme. Purchase Bob the Builder balloons from your local party store and hang orange and blue crepe streamers around the tables and in the doorways. Place orange construction cones throughout the room. Hang yellow construction signs on the walls that say, “Detour Ahead” and “Road Work.”

  • Cake: Purchase or bake a Bob the Builder birthday cake for the party. Bake either a square or round vanilla cake and frost the cake with yellow frosting. Purchase plastic figures to place on top of the cake, such as Bob the Builder, a tractor and a bulldozer. Place the crumbled graham crackers in front of the tractor and bulldozer to represent dirt or sand and write a special message on the top of the cake.

  • Activity: Plan a fun Bob the Builder theme activity for the kids during the party. Gather all of the kids at a large table, and cover it with newspaper or an old plastic tablecloth. Pass out yellow construction hats to all of the children, similar to the hat in the Bob the Builder show. Provide decorating supplies for the hats, such as stickers, sequins and glitter. Keep the hats on the table until the end of the party, to give them a chance to dry.

Plan your little one’s Bob the Builder party with his or her preferences in mind. Organize a hands-on building activity for guests if the birthday boy or girl is very active or keep the activity low-key for a more reserved group.

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