Bachelorette Party Favors

Bachelorette party favors are a great addition to your bachelorette celebration. The party favors do not have to be elaborate or expensive, just something small that is fun, cute, and thoughtful. The pre-wedding fanfare is a special time for the bridal party, and a small keepsake from the bachelorette party is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion. 

Here are a few bachelorette party favor ideas to help inspire your bridal bash:

  • Personalized Items: Anything personalized is a creative and unique gift to give as a party favor. If your bachelorette party is a destination party then this idea is perfect. Personalize either small cosmetic bags or canvas totes. This will give everyone at the party something they can use right away and keep long after the wedding is over.
  • Lingerie: Treat all the guests to a new piece of sleepwear. This party favor is especially perfect for lingerie themed bachelorette parties. Lots of lingerie stores will do discounts for large purchases so buy an assortment of colors, styles, and sizes. Wrap the garment in flirty gift bags with ribbon to match your theme and give them to guests at the end of the night. 
  • Cocktail Related: If the bachelorette party theme is focused around a night on the town, then give each guest a cocktail related item to take home with them. A great item is a mini cocktail shaker. You can find these at most home goods or party supply stores. Fill the shakers with candy and tie ribbon around each one for an added touch.  If you can’t find mini cocktail shakers, flasks are a great alternative.
  • Pictures: If you are on a budget, but still want to give something that is sentimental to your bachelorette party guests then a picture frame is perfect. Picture frames are relatively inexpensive and you can be unique and personalize them with the date of the party or a personal message. This gives each guest a place to store a photo from the party to remember the night by.
  • Spa Inspired: Women love anything spa related, so this bachelorette favor idea is perfect for any party. If your bachelorette party is spa themed, then it is even better. Here are a few examples of ideal spa related party favors: slippers, bath accessories, facial kits, nail polish, or an aromatic candle. If you have theme colors, then try to incorporate them into your party favor choice. This will give everyone a small piece of spa indulgence to bring home and remember her day of beauty with the bride-to-be.

It's a good idea to try and incorporate your theme into the party favors so that the guests have something to remember the night with. They'll be thrilled to get something they otherwise wouldn't purchase for themselves!

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