5 Creative Thanksgiving Themes

If you’re hosting family or friends at your home for turkey day this year and need a creative Thanksgiving theme for your celebration, look no further. Try one of these Thanksgiving theme ideas and matching Thanksgiving invitations to add a personal touch to your next gathering and build some new holiday traditions. Find your favorite Thanksgiving invitation online, add important event details, send by text or email, and gather RSVPs in minutes.

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Here are five creative ideas for a themed Thanksgiving:

Feathered Friends

What better idea for a Thanksgiving theme party than turkeys? Your guests will be ready to gobble up dinner as soon as they see your beautiful table setting. As a great activity to get the kids involved, trace and decorate turkeys handprints as place cards. You can also create pine cone turkeys with the help of pipe cleaners and a few feathers, or pom-pom turkeys with felt for favors to take home.

Golden Harvest

Another Thanksgiving theme idea is to center your decorations around celebrating the harvest. Use organic elements such as gourds, Indian corn, a large woven cornucopia, or dried flowers to evoke fall’s abundance. Cover your table in burlap and use wooden serving utensils for a rustic feel. 

Festive Foliage

Use the red, orange, and yellow colors of the changing leaves to give your home a rich autumnal ambiance. The room will glow with the warmth of the season and these colors also pop beautifully in flickering candlelight.

Pilgrims’ Journey

Throw a Thanksgiving themed party that highlights a bit of history with the pilgrims’ story. To create a nautical Mayflower centerpiece, lash a paper sail to wooden dowels and anchor it in a small, pebble-filled pail. A blue tablecloth can imitate the vast ocean or use old maps for a fun feel. For place cards at the table, make tiny pilgrim hats and bonnets out of construction paper and write each guests’ name on them.

Around the World Potluck

 Ask guests to pick a culture of their choosing and make a dish to represent that area and type of cuisine. Encourage them to bring a fusion dish, such as turkey stuffing with Moroccan flavors, or use a traditional recipe. Everyone will enjoy the delicious flavors of feasting around the world.
These suggestions for Thanksgiving themes may inspire some ideas of your own so use your imagination and surprise your guests with a unique and special celebration.
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