Energy Reader MaryAnna @ Soul Circle

26545 Judge Orr Road

Calhan, CO 80808

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I am an Energy Reader(tm) - which is an evidential medium, a psychic, an animal communicator and a non-verbal communicator all wrapped into one person! I can talk to your Grandma Betty and your Goldendoodle all in the same visit.

As an entertainer, I'm a platform medium and I will go straight to the person on the other side that you want to talk to. I get a name and a sex and off I go to describe the person that showed up - is it 100% - of course not, but I've only missed a handful of times and the spirit that did come through was welcome!

* Psychic Medium * Platform Mediumship * Confident * Funny * Able to reach the passed-over loved one you actually want to talk to - no second-cousin Gertrude! * Personality +++

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