Plan a "Ron’s Gone Wrong" Watch Party

We’re excited to team up with Twentieth Century Studios to introduce you to Ron’s Gone Wrong - a fun, animated adventure about a boy and his B*Bot! Ron’s Gone Wrong is an action packed story of how technology brings us together. Our Ron’s Gone Wrong Online Invitations on Punchbowl can help bring you together with friends to watch, starting October 22nd in a theater near you!

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Ron’s Gone Wrong is the story of Barney (voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer of “IT” fame), who receives a wonderful gift - his “Best Friend out of the Box” B*Bot named Ron (the hilarious Zack Galifianakis). Many of Barney’s school mates already have a B*Bot. The walking, speaking, and digitally connected devices are designed to be kids’ constant companions and help them create social connections. Barney desperately believes that he needs a B*Bot to have a social life. 

What Barney doesn’t know, when his Dad (Ed Helms) brings him home a B*Bot, is that sometimes digital devices can malfunction!  Ron shows some glitches right out of the box, exposing Barney to some schoolyard bullies. When Ron comes to Barney’s defense, he decides to keep him instead of exchanging him for a new model. Through their many misadventures, Barney and Ron find themselves on an action packed journey full of trouble and chaos. Working through their challenges together, will they also discover the wonderful messiness of true friendship?  

Watch the Official Ron’s Gone Wrong Trailer

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Just like Barney and Ron experience in Ron’s Gone Wrong, we’d like to show you how technology brings us together. Use our award-winning platform to gather your friends for a Ron’s Gone Wrong watch party. Customize and send Ron’s Gone Wrong invitations right from your phone! 

Here are a few Ron’s Gone Wrong party ideas to inspire you:

  • At the Theater: Avoid malfunctions! Make a pact to leave your electronic devices home during your movie get-together and focus on personal connections with the friends or family that you’re watching with. You can also dress up! Create your best robot homemade robot costumes and wear them to the movie.
  • Decorations: Head to your local craft store and pick up some supplies. Create fun B*Bot inspired decorations for your celebration. Use cardboard boxes covered in aluminum foil to build your own robots.
  • Party Food: Prepare a Robot-inspired snack bar!. Think B*Bot shaped cupcakes. Fun candy creations, “computer” chips, and “nuts and bolts.” Tin cans and aluminum mixing bowls are great for serving robot-inspired treats! 
  • Games: Put yourself in Ron’s shoes with some Ron’s Gone Wrong Trivia! Divide your guests into two teams. Ask each other trivia questions. The trick is - you must answer like a malfunctioning B*Bot - all responses must be the WRONG answer!
Ron’s Gone Wrong is an action filled adventure movie with a wonderful reminder about the importance of the value of social connection and genuine friendship. Enjoy it today with the people who are most important in your life. 

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