Graduation Table Decorations

There are so many details that need to be taken care of when throwing a graduation party. From the food to the guest list to a magnificent cake, almost the last detail to be thought of is the decor, not to mention the graduation table decorations. If you're even just a little bit creative, this list of graduation table ideas will inspire your decoration from the top to the bottom of the table. 

Tabletop Easels: A graduation table decoration that can be customized with special greetings or wishes to the graduate. 

You'll need mini tabletop easels (found at craft stores), chalk, parchment paper and ribbon in the graduate's school colors. Place an easel at each table with a piece of chalk. Roll up the parchment paper and tie with ribbon and glue to each easel. Give guests ideas of what to write or simply write a graduation wish. 

Photo Books: Graduation party table ideas can often be reduced to just flowers and some confetti. Why not give your decor a little personality and tell a story about the graduate?

You'll need a variety of photographs of the graduate, throughout their years in school. Your local photo center (CVS or Walgreens) will copy the photographs for you, and make as many as you want books. Cut cardstock into squares big enough to fit each photo and punch two holes at the top. Glue each photo to each page and write a small caption below each. Then, tie with ribbon, through the holes to make a book. Place in the center of each table for guests to look through. 

Accomplishment Cubes: Most likely, the graduate won't be boasting about their accomplishments during the party, so you have to!

You'll need size 4x4 inch (or larger) foam cubes (found at craft stores), scrap book paper in the graduate's school colors, craft sticks (found at craft stores), hot glue gun and flat cards. Glue the paper to each side of the foam block (cutting the paper accordingly) and then insert a craft stick into the top. Write an accomplishment or memory on each card and glue to the sticks. Place a few all over the tables at the party and let guests read about what a wonderful kid you have.

Use our array of graduation party table ideas to spice up the decor at your graduation party and make sure everyone knows just how proud you are of the graduate. 


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