Easter Egg Decoration Themes

Looking for an alternative to dyeing Easter eggs? Here's one Easter egg decoration idea that's sure to delight the whole family.


What does that adorable little chick have to do with your Easter eggs? Quite a lot, in fact. (Hint: think feathers!)

For this Easter egg decoration idea, you use feathers (and a bit of glue) to create Easter eggs that work beautifully as table decorations, Easter basket accents, etc.

You'll need eggs, glue, and a colorful supply of feathers from your local craft store. 

With a needle, poke a small hole in the top and a slightly larger one in the bottom of each egg. To remove the egg contents while keeping the shell intact, simply blow through the smaller hole and let the egg yolk and white go down to drain (or set them aside for a quick baking project).

Next, brush a mixture of 3 parts glue to 1 part water on the exterior of each egg, and cover each egg with an initial layer of some of your more thin and flexible feathers.

Keep an old egg carton or two on hand as a perfect drying rack to let your Easter eggs sit a while.

Once your initial layer is applied, you can continue to layer feathers of different colors all over your Easter eggs to achieve a bright, upbeat look that will knock those dyed eggs out of the park.

The featherd Easter egg maintains the classic egg shape but incorporates a lovely new texture into a traditional Easter egg decoration!


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